Values are what define us, what is important to us. Just as the roots, the trunk and the branches are important to a tree, so to values are important to the Church.

Our values are:

  • Relationship with a living God. We believe that God is earnestly seeking a relationship with you and me. He wishes for us to be free in our expression of love to him. He is looking for relationship rather than religion. Religion is a man made structure to put God in a box. That wasn’t God’s plan.
  • Family. We would like to get to a place where we are expressing our love to and for each other; sharing our possessions and sharing life with each other.
  • Reaching out. We love our community. We love you. We are looking for ways in which to have a greater impact in our local community bringing the good news of Jesus and bringing Hope to Lochaber.
  • Holy Spirit. We are only human, so thats why we need the Holy Spirit as our helper to deepen our relationship with God, to love one another and to reach out into the wider community. Jesus sent his Holy Spirit as our Helper and has given us Spiritual gifts to encourage the church and to share God’s love with others .

How do I get in touch with you?

Whether you have a question about the next church meeting or would like to book The Hub for your event please contact The Hub on 01397 705041 or email here: