Keep running, dont give up

Published on 4th September 2017

Gary Allan

Joshua 20- Cities of Refuge

Published on 21st August 2017

Simon Jeffrey

A message from Albania

Published on 14th August 2017

Fiona and Clement Hunte

The land rested from War.

Published on 8th August 2017

Simon Jeffrey

What or who is your Jericho?

Published on 26th June 2017

Simon Jeffrey

Rest before the Battle

Published on 19th June 2017

Gary Allan

Peter’s life an example to us all

Published on 5th June 2017

Justin Cummings

Crossing the Jordan

Published on 29th May 2017

Simon Jeffrey

The Spies have it- Joshua 2

Published on 22nd May 2017

Derrick Roberts

The Power of the One

Published on 14th May 2017

Ron Edwards

Be strong and very couragous

Published on 7th May 2017

Gary Allan

Be Commissioned

Published on 30th April 2017

Simon Jeffrey

The coming Kingdom

Published on 9th April 2017

Tracey Jeffrey

There is Good News

Published on 2nd April 2017

Gerald Kaye

How are you walking?

Published on 26th March 2017

Anne McLellan

Living God dreams

Published on 19th March 2017

Simon Jeffrey


Published on 13th March 2017

Alan Seel

Joseph- The interlude years

Published on 5th March 2017

Simon Jeffrey

Joseph in the Pit

Published on 26th February 2017

Simon Jeffrey

Jesus more than a carpenter

Published on 19th February 2017

Derrick Roberts

Do not be anxious

Published on 12th February 2017

Alistair and Patricia MacIndoe

Preparing for release

Published on 5th February 2017

Alan Smillie

We have a story to tell

Published on 29th January 2017

Simon Jeffrey

Do you know where you are heading?

Published on 22nd January 2017

Justin Cummings

Are we putting God first with our finances?

Published on 17th January 2017

Simon Jeffrey

Can you see clearly?

Published on 8th January 2017

Tracey Jeffrey

Its all about Jesus

Published on 1st January 2017

Simon Jeffrey

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